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Water Damage Testimonials

The Best Service Ever!! Kirk and company have done an amazing job in water damage control of our condo and storage of our goods. Ashley is continuing to do an amazing job with helping us to get thru all the Insurance hurdles. All are a great Team and very good to work with.

A great help in a very difficult situation The entire team at SERVPRO has been very helpful and responsive. We had a hot water pipe break under the home and it caused us to remove half of the floors in the home. It took over 13 months to get it move in ready. The team was very helpful with finding a contractor, packing up everything, and most importantly they suggested bringing the items back in waves so it was less overwhelming. A big thank you goes to Ashley for coordinating and communicating with us and her team.

SERVPRO team that came to my home did an excellent job of putting everything back in place and they went the extra mile in getting my closet doors up and my windows fixed right.

I would strongly recommend this company. They are very professional, punctual and get everything done as fast as possible. I had to work with David from Kirkland location twice and he is really the best and would take your problem like his own and will do everything to help. Thank you again!!!

Ashley was The BEST!!!! all the different crews that came out to my house we’re super professional. with this being the first time something like this has happened to me I had no idea really what to do what to expect but Miss Ashley was there to help me through it all answering all my questions good or bad she always had the right answer to help me and I really appreciate that. she made this experience a lot easy to deal with. i’m typing this while I’m driving so I know I’m leaving out a bunch of the things she help me with but hopefully you get the idea??

Thank you for being helpful. Even though we could not detect water leakage source, I was given very helpful recommendations.

David and his team at Kirkland SERVPRO are a TOP NOTCH, professional crew. From their Office Staff to their Field Technicians, they know what it takes to give EXCELLENT customer service.
By walking me through the cleaning and containment process for my water leak, I knew what to expect and for how long.
They took great care of my personal belongings, (including my PUPPY!) and handled everything in my house as if it were their own. SERVPRO genuinely cared about my situation and helped ease the anxieties of having my house (and life for the time being) extremely disrupted.
I highly recommend SERVPRO without hesitation.

Positive: Professionalism

SERVPRO of Kirkland responded to my self-inflicted water disaster quickly and professionally. They were able to save most of the cabinets, got the kitchen counters out without breaking them, negotiated with the insurance company, and clearly knew what they were doing.

I hope I never see them again, but if I need them I'd call.

I don't even know where to begin! Kirk and his team are amazing and they go above and beyond for us. Water damage is NO way fun for any party involved. But, Kirk and his team really made a difference for us. They always try to help the customer save while doing the best job!  They came in and took care of business, they were so kind and offered lots of advice for us! Kirk serviced further than just Kirkland! My home was in Bothell and he made sure to fit me in his booked schedule! Honestly, it is really hard to find a hardworking local small business owner that cares so much for his clients! Thank you again Kirk. We are so blessed to have you.

Check your water heaters NOW!!!  Damage from water is fast and efficient; ruined our wood floor, walls had to be opened up, carpet replaced...and I was home when it happened!  I can't say enough about SERVPRO; Kirk and his amazing team showed up ready to go to work within a short time and stuck with it until they had the heaters and blowers going to minimize the damage.  They were kind, extremely efficient and respectful.  Explained in great detail what I could expect.  I really felt like I was in good hands.  They gently packed up our belongings; took pictures so they could put it back correctly and made detailed lists of what was contained in every box.  It was a horrible experience made so much more tolerable by SERVPRO.  THANK YOU!

After my water heater ruptured, my insurance company recommended SERVPRO of Kirkland. I called them and they arrived shortly after. David, our project manager, was incredible. He was friendly, helpful, and incredibly reassuring during a very stressful experience. The team they had was also very detailed and clean. They also seemed very honest, and they were willing to come back an extra time when it became clear that the floor would take longer to dry than expected. I would not hesitate to recommend SERVPRO to any of my family or friends; in fact, I already have.

If you are frantically googling "seattle water damage" while your water heater is spraying water all over your garage, as I did not that long ago, this is the team you want to call.

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We had a sink overflow in our downstairs family room and our carpet & personal items were thoroughly soaked. Our local insurance agent suggested we call SERVPRO in Kirkland. We called and SERVPRO came out the same day, peeled back and removed the wet and damaged carpet, moved our personal items out of the affected area and set up drying and air circulating machines to attack the problem area. SERVPRO professionals came out to our house every day to inspect the drying process. We highly recommend this company for any mitigation project you might have. We think they are FANTASTIC!

Pardon my goofy user name! I called SERVPRO of Kirkland and David came out to take a look at a leak we were unsure about in a basement bathroom. He did a great job in assessing the situation. He was really thorough in explaining what we were seeing and advising us on which things we could do ourselves and which things we should have a professional tackle. He also had a really good understanding of historical building practices and how they affected certain aspects of our older house and pointed out things we should preserve and things we should monitor with an eye for repair and replacement. I absolutely recommend Kirk and his team and will definitely be calling this office if we have any water remediation needs down the road!

Kirk the owner of SERVPRO advocated for me and my parents during a detrimental leak. While insurance only would pay 20% of renovation costs Kirk helped us out and we were able to get 100% to renovate the entire house. Not only did we get the money, Kirk went the extra mile to walk us through the entire renovation. We are very pleased with the outcome, and it's really great to have someone on our side. Highly recommend!

Nothing but great things to say about SERVPRO of Kirkland! Kirk, the owner and David, April, Anne and Paul are all outstanding people and provide excellent service with speed and efficiency. Their explanations are clear and easy to understand. If you need help with water damage, they are the company to call!

Kirk kept us informed throughout the whole process and work well with State Farm. His team was very clean and professional always taking care to protect their work area from any further unnecessary damage. They did a great job in a timely manner. They removed wall panels and drywall thoughtful of how it would go back together and worked hard to accommodate our schedule.…


A water line to our water heater broke flooding a bedroom and our living room. Our State Farm insurance claim manager told us to contact Kirk at SERVPRO. He and his team were the only bright light in the whole nightmare as they provided A+ service. ***Be sure to get Kirk From SERVPRO in Kirkland Washington*** We just went through a similar disaster with the same State farm insurance rep and the help we received was from SERVPRO from Everett, they were good(B-) but they were not Kirk's team.

Kirk and his team did an amazing job when we had an emergency at our home for a water leak, they basically didn't make us worry about anything and all the process went smoothly and swiftly.

Kirk is a really nice person and he provided lots of tips and help on how to deal with such leaks in the future!

Very happy with their service. The owner came out and quickly assessed what I needed to do to stop my leak. He refused any payment for the visit, even though I offered multiple times to compensate him for the visit. I would definitely use them again.

This group is so nice. Issue with water pouring through a light in my bathroom from pipes in my condo. They were on it for my schedule which was great and did the demo in a few hours. Used an air scrubber to get the insulation dust out of the air. Really appreciated the positive attitude and the care they took. NICE people!

We're dealing with the fallout from a leak in the kitchen that has resulted in the floor, lower cabinetry and part of several walls being taken out (due to mold). At every step, things have been explained clearly and the proper precautions taken. When the drywall tested positive for asbestos, a special abatement team came out to remove it. Our situation was complicated by being a renter with a landlord who is currently living out of the country. The professionals at SERVPRO have taken it all in stride and been incredibly accommodating. Kirk even let me film during his initial visit so I could relay information without anything getting lost in translation! I wouldn't wish this situation on anyone, but if you find yourself in need, I highly recommend using SERVPRO of Kirkland for water remediation.

Water damage …. What a nightmare …. Warping in our hardwood floor….. Kirk and SERVPRO of Kirkland’s team were extremely nice, sincere, professional, organized, punctual, helpful, and detail oriented. I am so extremely happy we chose SERVPRO of Kirkland for our water damage from my washing machine. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Kirkland, especially Kirk (he is so awesome). Kirk did a great job of communicating. SERVPRO of Kirkland have great staff and helpful throughout this entire process. I hope I will never need to deal with water damage but I would use SERVPRO of Kirkland again if needed, and I will not hesitate to refer SERVPRO to family, friends, and co-workers. They did what they said and help me put my life back together has been so helpful. It was a pleasure to work with SERVPRO of Kirkland team.

Very attentive to our problem.  

SERVPRO of Kirkland did a clean-up and restoration from water damage resulting from a plugged washing machine drain.  They were helpful, clean, always let us know what to expect next, kept to the schedule they presented to us, knowledgeable, always on time and respectful of our property and us.    I mostly dealt with Kirk, Donovan and Cameron  and found them to be always helpful dependable, courteous and knowledgeable of the process. They did a great job of communicating.  I would use them again if needed, and would recommend anyone else to give them a try.

Kirk, I want to thank you for a great job done, and your always willingness to accommodate.  You always return calls, texts and emails, and I appreciated working with you.  I will not hesitate to refer SERVPRO to family, and friends, and God forbid, us, if we have a need for restoration in the future.

SERVPRO of Kirkland guys were terrific!  10 out of 10!

I want to take a moment to thank Kirk and the SERVPRO technicians for the outstanding service you provided us during one of the most difficult times in our lives.  I had four general contractors taking a look at the necessary repair work.  They all commended the work SERVPRO has performed.

It was a pleasure to work with SERVPRO of Kirkland team.  They really did their best work serving customers best interest.

All technicians were polite, courteous and knowledgeable.

Kirk and Cameron were very helpful to us in examining damage from a leaky toilet. They used a moisture meter to determine the extent of the damage and offered suggestions for us to mitigate it ourselves. Lucky for us the damage was negligible and did not require any costly repairs. I would certainly use SERVPRO again!

They made everything so easy and worked well with our insurance company.  Very nice & friendly people.

Our water heater leaked and we had thought we caught it in time with minimal damage and we could deal with a small area of warping in our hardwood floor.  However, a week or so later a bad smell persisted.  We called SERVPRO in Kirkland and Kirk came out and exposed all the water damage that had occurred.  His crew then came out and began the dry out process.  Kirk and crew were great with our schedule and household that contains teenagers and 2 large dogs.  Kirk was great explaining the process and took care of dealing with our homeowners insurance showing them all the damage that had occurred.  I will never hesitate to refer them or use them again.

Kirk was personal & professional.  They did what they said, really pleased with their immediate response and clean work!

Kirk was very polite and professional.  I called him to investigate possible water damage hidden in the walls.  He brought his specialist, Cameron, to investigate potential water damage.  I appreciated that they described what they were doing and the readings they were getting.  They were detailed in explaining the areas of concern and how the water and I felt very comfortable considering them as a water damage restoration contractor.  SERVPRO of Kirkland assured me that I didn't need to replace drywall.  I did have 2 other contractors investigate (it's always best to get multiple opinions) and SP of Kirkland was overall the best.  Highly recommended!
BTW: Not all SERVPROs are the same.  I did have experience with a different SERVPRO (that I did not like), but this Kirkland SERVPRO was different and way better.

If you ever have to clean up after a leak and water damage, call these guys first!  They dried up a very wet wall for us and kept at it until it was done, were always calm and professional and at the same time made sure that we were as comfortable as possible while the fans were running. At one point we had two dehumidifiers, an airscrubber and six fans going, which were pulling a lot of power out of the wall and their technician spent 20 extra minutes moving the cords around so we could keep using our microwave without blowing a circuit! This was a huge help in keeping the house livable during the mitigation work. I would highly recommend Kirk Geiger and his crew!

Have nothing but praise for this company, especially for Kirk and Cameron.  Thank you!

Kirk and crew showed up on a Holiday weekend for a black water disaster.  What a crew!!
They all were unbelievable!!  Kind, courteous, knowledgeable and very informative!  They made the whole awful process as pleasant as possible.  They helped me keep my sanity and sense of humor.

I have told many people and would highly recommend them to any one!

Kirk and his team were absolutely amazing when my water tank burst and flooded my downstairs rooms at midnight. They turned up right away to minimize the damage and get started with the drying out process, working through the night on the all important first night. They guided me through the next steps to take, who to contact, and even organized the plumber to replace the tank for me.  Nothing was too much trouble for any of the guys, they were all very, very professional at all times. These are definitely the guys to call if you are unfortunate enough to experience this type of disaster!!