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background: I come from the school of avoid the insurance recommended shops. However, after a large loss (fire) your first instinct is to salvage what you can as quickly as possible and getting back into your home as quickly as possible so I said I'll go with SERVPRO which was one of the cleanup & remediation companies state farm recommended. I used them for structure and non fabric cleanup. Elizabeth Garcia and her crew showed compassion, caring, professionalism, attention to detail & excellent communication. I got an honest, non sugar coated assessment.. I am in general a very involved home owner that expects nothing less than excellent customer service and they met it on the communication side in particular (blips do happen) I am satisfied with respect to the quality of the cleanup especially given the scale of it. I truly feel like they are my partners as opposed to an obstacle on the long, ongoing, hard, path of getting my home and belongings back to the way they were . Thanks Elizabeth & Crew!!

Water damage …. What a nightmare …. Warping in our hardwood floor….. Kirk and SERVPRO of Kirkland’s team were extremely nice, sincere, professional, organized, punctual, helpful, and detail oriented. I am so extremely happy we chose SERVPRO of Kirkland for our water damage from my washing machine. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Kirkland, especially Kirk (he is so awesome). Kirk did a great job of communicating. SERVPRO of Kirkland have great staff and helpful throughout this entire process. I hope I will never need to deal with water damage but I would use SERVPRO of Kirkland again if needed, and I will not hesitate to refer SERVPRO to family, friends, and co-workers. They did what they said and help me put my life back together has been so helpful. It was a pleasure to work with SERVPRO of Kirkland team.

We're dealing with the fallout from a leak in the kitchen that has resulted in the floor, lower cabinetry and part of several walls being taken out (due to mold). At every step, things have been explained clearly and the proper precautions taken. When the drywall tested positive for asbestos, a special abatement team came out to remove it. Our situation was complicated by being a renter with a landlord who is currently living out of the country. The professionals at SERVPRO have taken it all in stride and been incredibly accommodating. Kirk even let me film during his initial visit so I could relay information without anything getting lost in translation! I wouldn't wish this situation on anyone, but if you find yourself in need, I highly recommend using SERVPRO of Kirkland for water remediation.

This group is so nice. Issue with water pouring through a light in my bathroom from pipes in my condo. They were on it for my schedule which was great and did the demo in a few hours. Used an air scrubber to get the insulation dust out of the air. Really appreciated the positive attitude and the care they took. NICE people!

Very attentive to our problem.  

Thank you for the great work that you and your team have done. You have gone above and beyond, and I am very appreciative.

SERVPRO of Kirkland guys were terrific!  10 out of 10!

Thank you again for working with us all, the process was thorough and well executed.

My husband and I appreciate you working with us on the costs and payments since it was not an insurance claim.

Thank you and your crew for getting out so quickly, I got great feedback from both my engineers. 

“Kirk and Cameron from SERVPRO of Kirkland were great.  They worked with me to get all the equipment situated properly, were thorough with accessing damage, and balancing that with what was overkill.  They were also great at being flexible with having limited access to Verne and Welles and me on a tight deadline to leave.” 

 “….did an excellent, professional job”

SERVPRO of Kirkland did a clean-up and restoration from water damage resulting from a plugged washing machine drain.  They were helpful, clean, always let us know what to expect next, kept to the schedule they presented to us, knowledgeable, always on time and respectful of our property and us.    I mostly dealt with Kirk, Donovan and Cameron  and found them to be always helpful dependable, courteous and knowledgeable of the process. They did a great job of communicating.  I would use them again if needed, and would recommend anyone else to give them a try.

Kirk, I want to thank you for a great job done, and your always willingness to accommodate.  You always return calls, texts and emails, and I appreciated working with you.  I will not hesitate to refer SERVPRO to family, and friends, and God forbid, us, if we have a need for restoration in the future.

I would recommend SERVPRO of Kirkland, especially Amber & Emily.  I am happy we chose to call SERVPRO of Kirkland when we had our flood.  Emily & Amber were extremely helpful!  Having them help me put my life back together has been so helpful!

Great process with SERVPRO of Kirkland.  Great assistance, follow through and thoroughness.  Good sincere techs.

Very great staff.  They have been courteous and helpful throughout this entire process.  I would recommend them to anyone needing a good clean-up crew.

Elizabeth heads up this team & she is outstanding!  Very professional, organized, punctual, thorough & detail oriented.  Yet at the same time, she is so supportive & reassuring at this difficult time of fire in my house.  SERVPRO of Kirkland has been the "gift" & the "angel" in this stressful time.  My sincerest thanks to the SERVPRO team!

This whole incident has been a nightmare, except for the time your people were here.  You should be very proud of them. They are all amazing people.

I want to take a moment to thank Kirk and the SERVPRO technicians for the outstanding service you provided us during one of the most difficult times in our lives.  I had four general contractors taking a look at the necessary repair work.  They all commended the work SERVPRO has performed.

It was a pleasure to work with SERVPRO of Kirkland team.  They really did their best work serving customers best interest.

All technicians were polite, courteous and knowledgeable.

Kirk answered my call on a Sunday afternoon and was at my house within a half an hour.  Very easy to reach and respond.  Service continued exactly that way.  Still have to complete project but so far 100% happy!

They made everything so easy and worked well with our insurance company.  Very nice & friendly people.

Have nothing but praise for this company, especially for Kirk and Cameron.  Thank you!

Kirk was personal & professional.  They did what they said, really pleased with their immediate response and clean work!

Kirk and Cameron were very helpful to us in examining damage from a leaky toilet. They used a moisture meter to determine the extent of the damage and offered suggestions for us to mitigate it ourselves. Lucky for us the damage was negligible and did not require any costly repairs. I would certainly use SERVPRO again!

Had a disaster in my business causing 3" of water to flood the showroom. Within an hour, Kirk had assembled a team of guys, loaded up gear and was to my business ready to go. They immediately got right to work, explained what was going on, my options and what the outcome will look like. I didn't know people could be so knowledgeable in this field, they have so many tools and gadgets that they use to determine moisture, very fun to watch these guys work. Extremely friendly, well mannered and efficient group of people you guys have working for you!

Kirk was very polite and professional.  I called him to investigate possible water damage hidden in the walls.  He brought his specialist, Cameron, to investigate potential water damage.  I appreciated that they described what they were doing and the readings they were getting.  They were detailed in explaining the areas of concern and how the water and I felt very comfortable considering them as a water damage restoration contractor.  SERVPRO of Kirkland assured me that I didn't need to replace drywall.  I did have 2 other contractors investigate (it's always best to get multiple opinions) and SP of Kirkland was overall the best.  Highly recommended!
BTW: Not all SERVPROs are the same.  I did have experience with a different SERVPRO (that I did not like), but this Kirkland SERVPRO was different and way better.

Had a gas fireplace explode.  Insurance for both my condo and personal belongings both recommended SERVPRO of Kirkland.  Great company!  There was a great deal of work to do (from cleaning walls to the very air from black soot from the explosion) to cleaning my carpets and couch.  Excellent job!  Recommend this company with reservation!  Nice people as well who care about their work.

The best restoration company hands down. The owner Kirk Geiger gives personal attention to all his clients and is the most sincere, genuine and honest man you will work with! His work, level of professionalism and compassion for his clients makes him my number one choice! Thanks for being so awesome Kirk!

If you ever have to clean up after a leak and water damage, call these guys first!  They dried up a very wet wall for us and kept at it until it was done, were always calm and professional and at the same time made sure that we were as comfortable as possible while the fans were running. At one point we had two dehumidifiers, an airscrubber and six fans going, which were pulling a lot of power out of the wall and their technician spent 20 extra minutes moving the cords around so we could keep using our microwave without blowing a circuit! This was a huge help in keeping the house livable during the mitigation work. I would highly recommend Kirk Geiger and his crew!

Our water heater leaked and we had thought we caught it in time with minimal damage and we could deal with a small area of warping in our hardwood floor.  However, a week or so later a bad smell persisted.  We called SERVPRO in Kirkland and Kirk came out and exposed all the water damage that had occurred.  His crew then came out and began the dry out process.  Kirk and crew were great with our schedule and household that contains teenagers and 2 large dogs.  Kirk was great explaining the process and took care of dealing with our homeowners insurance showing them all the damage that had occurred.  I will never hesitate to refer them or use them again.

Kirk and crew showed up on a Holiday weekend for a black water disaster.  What a crew!!
They all were unbelievable!!  Kind, courteous, knowledgeable and very informative!  They made the whole awful process as pleasant as possible.  They helped me keep my sanity and sense of humor.

I have told many people and would highly recommend them to any one!

Kirk and his team were absolutely amazing when my water tank burst and flooded my downstairs rooms at midnight. They turned up right away to minimize the damage and get started with the drying out process, working through the night on the all important first night. They guided me through the next steps to take, who to contact, and even organized the plumber to replace the tank for me.  Nothing was too much trouble for any of the guys, they were all very, very professional at all times. These are definitely the guys to call if you are unfortunate enough to experience this type of disaster!!

Kirk the owner is amazing. Showed up at midnight himself to rescue our home from complete disaster. He was polite, easy to communicate with and extremely friendly. He explained the process so I knew each step he would take and what I needed to do in order to get the insurance rolling. Once we had the formalities done I was able to go upstairs and get some sleep before work the next day. Thank you Kirk I needed to get away from the stress and get some sleep. He made me feel confident in handing over my home and stress to SERVPRO. The crew was professional and polite as well. The follow up has been above and beyond my expectations. My things were well cared for. Needless to say my husband and I are very happy with their services. We have in the past called other companies providing the same services for clients of ours and we have had some extremely bad experiences with them. Do yourself a favor and call these guys 1st.

Kirk, the owner, was extremely responsive to our emergent needs.  His team, Alfredo R., and another gentleman, were very proficient at their tasks and did not waste any time.  They were very polite, helpful, and quickly stabilized our situation and readied it for construction.  I highly recommend SERVPRO of Kirkland.

The team I worked with calmed my stress by always answering my questions and concerns.  Thank you so much!