Water Damage Photo Gallery

Pipe Burst in a Kirkland Residential home's Crawlspace

Life Happens. Let SERVPRO of Kirkland make it "Like it never even happened."

Life happens. You don't expect to have a sewage pipe burst in the crawlspace until a funny smell is coming from somewhere. Periodically checking your crawlspace is a must as a homeowner. We forget its a part of the house and needs just as much maintenance. Here at SERVPRO of Kirkland there is no judgment in emergencies, we are apart of the Kirkland community and been around the park a few times. We are here to help 24/7/365 for all your Water and Fire Emergencies. 

Injectidry System

State-of-the-art Equipment to get the job done

This picture was the development after a kitchen sink was left running for an unspecified amount of time. The water damage wasn't significant but enough to need SERVPRO of Kirkland's assistance. Every situation is different, fortunately we were able to use our Injectidry floor drying system to save these beautiful hardwood floors. This may not be the case in every emergency situation but acting quickly can save you in the long run.  

Crawlspace Flood

Water Rushing Into Kirkland Homeowner's Crawlspace

This photo shows the large amount of water rushing into this local Kirkland resident's crawlspace after their washing machine had overflowed on the level above. When we were called, they had no idea it spread all the way down there. They had cleaned most of it up and just wanted help drying the floors. After seeing this, they were very happy they called the professionals at SERVPRO of Kirkland. 

Dave Using Tile Breaker

Nothing Will Stop Us

One of our Crew Chief's chipping away at the cement in a Kirkland home to get to the sub-floor so we can begin drying things out. Whatever it takes, you can count on us!

Containment Example

Beautiful Example of Containment

SERVPRO of Kirkland takes pride in their work. You can see the perfection and time taken behind setting this containment. It is our top priority to provide our customers with the greatest service.

Injectidry Floor Mat System

After a water leak this homeowner's hardwood floors were damaged.  SERVPRO of Kirkland used their Injectidry floor mat system to properly dry out their hardwood floors.  This Injectidry floor mat system is used to dry high risk areas of hidden moisture in and under flooring.  Mostly used for hardwood flooring but can also be used for marble, tile and sub-flooring.  In the end we saved the homeowner the cost of having to tear out and replace all their hardwood flooring.