Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen fire in local residential home

Fire Hazards to be Remembered

We all get busy in our lives and who hasn't forgotten one thing or another. Well one thing to remember is to double check that everything is off when you're done cooking. Fortunately this was caught early enough that it didn't have the chance to spread further in the home. Here at SERVPRO of Kirkland we know accidents happen. We are here to help get the job done 24/7/365.

House Fire in local residential home

House Fire in Local Residential Home

This home was the victim of a fire from a small gas leak that went undetected. Thankfully the family was not home at the time things ignited. They received a call from their neighbor who could actually feel the heat of the fire in their home next door. SERVPRO of Kirkland was called out to meet with the family and decide how to move forward. These situations are not ideal but we are here to help in every way we can.

Electrical Fire

Residential Electrical Fire

This residential two story home suffered from an electrical fire. SERVPRO of Kirkland cleaned everything from top to bottom. The homeowner was beyond thankful and couldn't believe that we really made it look "Like it never even happened."

Fuse Panel Fire

Fuse Panel From Local Fire

SERVPRO of Kirkland reported to a local fire. This is a photo of the fuse panel. We are trained to handle all aspects of fires. From cleaning the structure to handling all of the contents. 

Melted Vent Cover

Vent Cover From Fire

Another melted item from a fire here in Kirkland. Its amazing the entire cover didn't completed melt away, this was actually pulled off the ceiling as it. More abstract art to add to the collection!

Melted Light

Light Bulb From Kirkland Fire

This light bulb was pulled from a residential fire in Kirkland. You can see it started to melt. Looks like a form of abstract art, we had to bring it back to share with everyone.