Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Water Leak in a Commercial Business in Kirkland, WA

This water damage was caused by a slow leak overtime. As seen in the before picture there is contents all along the wall. What was hidden behind those contents ... READ MORE

Flooded commercial building in Kirkland, WA

This flooded hallway was the cause of our Washington weather first hand. This happened in a Commercial building here in Kirkland, WA. When it rains it pours an... READ MORE

Commercial Warehouse Flooded

Early one morning a pipe burst in the middle of a manufacturing thirty thousand square foot warehouse. All production was forced to halt until this they could d... READ MORE

Basement Flood in Commercial Building

A broken pipe on the main level of this commercial building caused the ceiling in the basement to collapse and flood the file storage downstairs in the basement... READ MORE

Toilet Backup in Commercial Building

One toilet backed up causing two floors to flood in this local multi-level commercial building. Several different business were affected at and at a loss on whe... READ MORE

Local Business Flooded From Plumbing Malfunction

This local restaurant flooded over night from a malfunction with one of their sinks. The water spread throughout the entire restaurant affecting all seven areas... READ MORE